Busy little bees…

This past weekend has been incredibly busy.

Both my husband and i are shift workers. I am at two hospitals across Melbourne and he manages 3 leisure centres. This makes fitting ordinary things a bit tricky.

On Saturday, we both worked. We then met at home before racing into Boutique Homes headquarters to meet our consultant to sign away our PWC. What we anticipated to be a fairly quick meeting turned into 3 and a half hours of decision making and trying to finalise items so as not to have any nasty surprises come colours and electrical appointments. It was also the handing over of our first deposit to Boutique…no pulling to now.

We shall be back to Boutique fairly soon to finalise our colours and electrical but in the meantime here are a few of the extras we chose:

  • Upgraded Facade
  • Higher ceilings and doorways
  • Square set cornices (in main living areas)
  • Frameless mirror doors to robes (secondary bedrooms)
  • Cat 7 tiles
  • Cat 2 carpet
  • Cat 2 (this may change as i reallllly like cat 3 London Grey caserstone bench tops) with waterfall edging.
  • Cat 5 bricks
  • Cat 3 roofing
  • Upgraded kitchen appliances (Induction cooktops, touchscreen oven)
  • Butlers pantry fit-out
  • Shower niches
  • Full wall tiling to ensuite
  • Grand outdoor entertaining area

We are already at $98,500 worth of inclusions/upgrades (That noise you just heard was the collective sound of all of our jaws hitting the ground simultaneously!). However, a few points to offset the shock:

  • This does include driveways, bushfire provision and structural changes.
  • Also, we have been fortunate enough to have owned two homes prior to this build, so we know exactly what we and do not want from prior experience. More linen space, more pantry space etc. This in turn also helps with choosing our upgrades, we have a little bit more room to move, given we are selling our current home and will hopefully turn a nice little profit in the process. (However, nothing is certain in this world, let alone real estate let’s be honest!).

I did take lots of pictures of the items we have chosen or a looking at so far, however i will save them for when we actually select.

In addition to our meeting this weekend, Sunday was spent cleaning and tidying every inch of our house ready for photos on Tuesday.
We want our house to be at its absolute best for this auction, as it is such a beautiful home and will be patiently waiting for its next owner to walk through and fall in love just like we did three years ago!

The next 4 weeks are all about the auction.
Best case scenario, we get a private offer and it saves us the stress and anxiety of an auction, but we will just have to wait and see.

As soon as this part is over, we then pack and move into a rental whilst we await our family home to be built. It probably won’t start until early next year.

I’m inpatient already…




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