And away.we.go…

This week has been full on to say the least…
In the last 3 days we have…

  1. Found a block we liked
  2. Put down a deposit
  3. Signed our contract
  4. Met with the real estate agent (to get our house on the market)
  5. Signed our contract to sell our house
  6. Finalised our PWC

Exciting? Absolutely! Daunting? Nervous? You betcha!

And so begins our whirlwind next 2 months… ill fill you in.

We have bought a block of land in Mernda (Closer to Doreen as per original plan, however technically Mernda). This block was the biggest we had seen and for a really good price, cheaper than what we budgeted for. It titles end of this year, so much sooner than any other block we were looking at, so that is perfect for us, as we are keen to get cracking.

Our house will go to auction on September 17. This in effect gives us a very tight 4 week timeline to get our settlement dates lined up. Im a nervous wreck already!

On Saturday we meet with our Boutique rep and paying our PWC deposit to get the house side of things rolling, whilst our land is settling so as not to hold things up once it titles.

In the meantime we are busy little bees, trying to get our house up to its tip top self for photos next week.

Things are about to get pretty frantic around here…




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