Well, where does one start when they write a blog? I suppose i should introduce myself and the reason(s) i decided to start one…
IMG_9068Hi! I’m Jessica! I’m a 28 year old from Melbourne, who has decided that instead of keeping all my thoughts, ideas and projects in my head…i should write them down.
The inspiration for ‘blamitonarushofbloodtothehead’ would first and foremost be Coldplay. To say i am obsessed would be a tragic understatement, but never the less, their 2nd studio album ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’, is indeed my favourite of all time and i guess many things that i say, do and feel could be well contributed to a rush of blood to the head. Crazy? Maybe! But thats just me and my impulsive, inpatient self.

So why a blog? I have long been a fan of documenting the things that happen to and around me, but given the next big project in my life (and that of my husband, Craig) is that we are going to build a home, what better way to keep track and to communicate than to expose it for the world to see?

Rather than have this be another building blog in its entireity, i decided to make it a lifestyle blog, to broaden the scope and in turn, the content i post on here.

So here goes, wish me luck!